Photo: Lighting tech Gage Helton at S&L Integrated Systems’ new Avolites Quartz lighting console

Group One Ltd., the US distributor for Avolites, is pleased to announce that the manufacturer’s ultra-compact new Quartz lighting console is fast being adopted by numerous lighting services companies.

In the short time since its official launch, the desk has already been purchased by: Blue Haze Entertainment (Huntington Beach, CA), CB Designs, Dillon Production Services (Norcross, GA), Off the Wall Audiovisual (Miami, FL), Palmetto Sound Works (Spartanburg, SC), Paragon Productions (Rock Hill, SC), Pulse Lighting (Raleigh, NC), RZI Productions (New Orleans, LA), S&L Integrated Systems (Cairo, GA) and Las Vegas’ hottest new nightclub, OMNIA at Caesars Palace, among others.

Blue Haze Entertainment System Designer Andrew Strain appreciates Quartz’s surprisingly powerful feature set versus its size. “When it comes to form, function and design, I have never met a console that can do so much from such a small footprint,” he enthuses. “Quartz does everything a Pearl will, but is much easier to take with me on a everyday event. It truly lives up to the Avo saying, ‘from rock to opera!'”

S&L Technician Gage Helton notes that he recently used Quartz to control 15 moving lights and 15 LEDs for an aviation client’s trade show event. “Quartz handled all programming and control functions very easily and flawlessly,” he says. “The touch panel is one of the desk’s coolest features and it really plays well with the rest of the surface layout. The customization of workflow rounds this little desk into a powerful tool, and we also enjoy the capability of using it as an expansion wing on our Avo Pearl Expert, using the Multi User Networking.”

Less than 17 inches wide, Quartz is Avolites’ smallest full-featured console and the newest addition to the popular Titan Mobile family, complete with onboard processing and a bright, vibrant 12.1-inch touch screen. An ideal choice for everything from touring and festivals to clubs and one-offs, the tiny Quartz features the same high-quality faders and hardware as Avolites’ flagship Sapphire Touch lighting console.