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Nearly 50 years of providing large format consoles and high performance software products with a classic build and distinctive sound. Our mixing technology has been used across many of the world's greatest albums and chart-topping hits, and helped define the sound tracks for the biggest blockbuster films. And now with new innovative software and hardware products that stays true to our mixing roots and heritage, we are building production tools that will inspire a new generation.

Harrison Consoles: 32Classic - An American Icon Reimagined

Over the past 50 years, Harrison production tools have helped world-renowned artists create some of the most recognized and celebrated music in history. The 32Classic takes our legacy in analog console design and combines it with modern studio integration, giving artists, producers and engineers the tools needed to record and mix music which stands the test of time. The Harrison 32Classic is an analog masterpiece, let it help create yours.

Harrison’s legendary analog console sound and workflow on your desktop

Harrison DAWs are the perfect solution for bringing the sound and workflow of an analog console to any studio. With Harrison DAWs, you can experience the warmth and depth of analog sound in your recordings, while also enjoying the flexibility and convenience of a digital audio workstation. Whether you’re a professional producer or a home recording enthusiast, Harrison DAWs provide the tools you need to create high-quality music with ease. Harrison Consoles has a long legacy of creating high-quality audio equipment, and their DAWs are no exception. Built on decades of experience and expertise, Harrison DAWs offer unparalleled sound quality and intuitive workflow that make it easy to create professional-sounding music. Bring the power of Harrison DAWs and the legacy of Harrison Consoles to your studio today!

High performance and great sounding tools for every conceivable task

Harrison Consoles is renowned for its exceptional audio quality in both post-production and music production. The company’s large format digital consoles have long been the gold standard in the industry, and now that same level of excellence is available in a wide range of specialized tools. Whether you need specialized equalization, classic channel strip processing, multi-band compression, noise management, de-essing, or any other audio processing task, Harrison has a plugin to help you achieve that warm analog sound. With Harrison’s range of plugins, you can be confident that you’re getting the best possible audio quality for your project.

Premium production tools and legendary console technology

Harrison Audio makes its 500 series module debut, taking its production tools and legendary console technology to a wider audience of artists, producers, and engineers. For over half a century, Harrison Audio has been known for its distinctive circuit designs and exceptional audio quality. The new modules include the 32Cpre+ microphone preamplifier, the MR3eq 3-band parametric equalizer, and the Comp compressor.

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