With a passionate commitment and heritage to sound and engineering excellence, Austrian Audio is carving out a new engineering initiative, committed to building instruments that embody a purpose and sense of longevity.

Making Passion Heard

A company formed by previous AKG personnel including management, acoustics, electronics, test and measurement, mechanical design, RF/wireless, and software and firmware – Austrian Audio maybe relatively new but they are steeped in audio know-how. Their range of microphones and headphones are developed for the forward-thinking and more traditional engineer, musician, and producer, allowing them to unleash their creativity with focused audio precision.

The revolutionary OC818 and OC18

Within these microphones you’ll find a passionate commitment to sound and engineering excellence. Nestled within each large diaphragm condenser (LDC) microphone is a carefully handcrafted Austrian Audio CKR12 ceramic capsule,  designed and constructed by our team of experts.

Their high sensitivity, low self-noise and ability to handle everything from a whisper to extreme SPLs make them the most advanced microphones for studio, broadcast and live applications. As the unique ceramic capsule design is so consistent, any OC818 is match-paired with any other OC818, and when in cardioid mode, it can also be match-paired with any OC18, its affordable, smaller sibling.

Hi-X50 and Hi-X55 headphones

Introducing the new professional Hi-X (High Excursion) headphones from Austrian Audio, designed for today’s contemporary music production. Whether you choose the Hi-X50 or Hi-X55, know that you are getting “Made in Austria” quality from a team that stands behind this all-new design. You won’t find off the shelf drivers and key components here – everything is crafted only for our headphones.

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