MC2 Audio’s power amplifiers have brilliantly been passing the test on the world’s toughest gigs, tours, festivals, sporting events and more since 1993. Their products are highly respected for their connectivity, DSP, power density and ability to maintain control and accuracy, even under heavy duress, which is why many well known speaker brands have also choosen to re-badge MC2 amps as their own.

At home on the road and in the studio

MC2 Audio’s products for the touring market are serious performers, and the company’s top-ranked Delta Series firmly crown the lineup. These comprise DSP-enabled power amplifiers all featuring four additional independently processed auxiliary outputs, with Dante networking (inputs and outputs), as well as non-DSP amplifiers at a variety of additional power levels, also available with Dante network inputs. The E Series, on the other hand, is a range of high-power switch mode amplifiers designed to the highest standards of reliability and sound quality while keeping weight at an absolute minimum.

Beyond MC2 Audio’s touring ranges, several other series round out the company’s lineup. Designed for the fixed installation market, the high performance T Series products features MC² Audio’s complementary Class AB bipolar topology and the unique current-driven floating drive stage. The S Series is designed for use in the best studio monitoring environments, but is equally at home in any application where transparency and “no compromise“ performance are the focus. Lastly, scalable to fit any application, Ti Series systems include networkable power amplifiers, breakout boxes, signal processing and powerful iCore monitoring and control software.

Delta DSP100

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