From tech-heavy Tony Award-winning Broadway and West End musicals down to modest elementary and high school dramas, Group One’s audio and lighting brands can help you truly show off your productions’ flair for the dramatic. When the curtain goes up, it’s showtime, and our products will earn rave reviews for their top performances

Theater with a Capital T

Theatrical sound design requires a specialized approach to workflow and mixing, and DiGiCo is a manufacturer that well understands that—so much so, in fact, that the company offers theatre-specific “T” models of some of its most popular consoles, including the SD7T, SD10T and SD9T. Exclusive features like Cast Management Alias and the Players tool have made these desks indispensible among both top sound designers and new student techs. Likewise, SSL’s System T sports many similarities to the popular SSL Live consoles, but boasts a networked audio engine and control surfaces, plus a capacity of 800 fully processed audio paths for handling even the largest productions.

Stars of the Stage

From focusing the audience’s attention on a solitary detail to creating an overall look and feel on stage, Avolites lighting consoles and elektraLite fixtures represent the perfect duo to make it all happen. Avo’s ultra-compact Titan Mobile and flagship Sapphire Touch desk both run on the same Titan software platform, so it’s easy to start out small and work your way up size- and features-wise as requirements increase. And from eyeBalls, Dazers and elektraBars to Blinders, Strobes and more, elektraLite offers a broad spectrum of fixture types for a myriad of theatrical applications.

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