Group One Limited


631-396-0195 (Audio Division)

631-396-0184 (Lighting Division)


70 Sea Lane
New York 11735

19801 Nordhoff Place #108
CA 91311

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    Contact List

    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Jack Kelly CEO Audio/Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 102
    Bryan Bradley President Audio/Lighting 818-351-5116
    Sue Adamson Operations Manager Audio/Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 124
    Trisha Matulewicz Chief Financial Officer Audio/Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 111
    Karen Lorthioir Admin & Customer Support Audio/Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 123
    Jaime Sellars Director of Marketing Audio/Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 9909
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Kevin Markowitz Customer Technical Support Audio 631-396-0195 Ext 107
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Norman Wright Vice President, Technical Support Lighting 631-396-0195 Ext 116
    Brandon Tsaptsinos National Sales Manager Elektralite Lighting 845-781-6567
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Dave Lewty Regional Sales Manager Audio 805-305-5711 ext. 53
    Helen Carr Regional Sales Manager Audio 703-307-1654 ext. 61
    Rob Lewis National Technical Sales Audio 415-745-5250 ext. 54
    Leslie Braggs Operations Associate Audio 661-888-4392 ext. 56
    Pat Schneider Customer Support Engineer Audio 661-877-7418 ext. 55
    Chris Fichera Vice President Sales Audio Audio 310-927-7788
    Drew McEachin Technical Service Manager Audio 661-877-9775 ext. 52
    James Tunnicliffe Technical Support Engineer Audio 646-540-3841 ext. 62
    Gerrald Samraj Technical Support Engineer Audio 661-310-0686 ext. 9907
    Gerard Kaufold Technical Support Engineer Audio 661-310-0696 ext. 9906
    Ivan Zabaluyev Technical Support Engineer Audio 661-310-0632 ext. 9912
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Eastern Region Audio 212 315 1111
    Western Region Audio 213 249 9229
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Matt Larson Vice President Professional Audio Audio 952-686-1856
    Amy Vallandi Service and Support Manager Audio 702-269-8202
    Chip Sciacca Technical Support Audio 516-528-6431
    Taidus Vallandi Chief Technology Officer Audio 702-269-8202
    Ryan Shelton National Sales Manager Audio Products Audio 615-972-9301
    Kyle McMahon Training & Support Associate Audio 317-691-7779
    Trevor Waite Technical Support Audio 516-528-1978
    Name Title Division Telephone/Extension
    Michael "Hucky" Huckler National Sales Manager Audio (631) 227-6204