With their ability to accommodate huge amounts of I/O to their intuitive layouts to their pristine sound, DiGiCo has become the gold standard when it comes to live audio production. From theaters and houses of worship to performing arts centers and sports facilities, wherever there’s a need for reliable, sonically superior mixing and routing, DiGiCo is there.

Modern Digital Pioneer

Since the arrival of the seminal D5 Live, DiGiCo has stood at the forefront of the digital mixing revolution, transforming the world of touring sound with a long succession of innovations. With the launch of the SD7 console came Stealth Digital Processing and vast new reserves of power, functionality and flexibility. Now the DiGiCo legacy continues with Quantum 7, Quantum 5, Quantum 338, Quantum 225, and now the latest Quantum 852; a digital mixing platform delivering a massive leap forward in processing power for tomorrow’s installation and touring productions. And backed by Group One’s customer service, training, and support—recognized as the best in the business—DiGiCo users can confidently blaze their own signal path.

Scalable Console Solutions

As the recognized worldwide standard for live audio mixing, DiGiCo consoles are renowned for their industry leading sound quality and ease of use. From the compact and affordable S21 all the way up to the unparalleled power of Quantum 7, DiGiCo delivers the workflow, feature set and absolute reliability that the world’s biggest tours rely upon. Add to that “T” theater- and “B” broadcast-specific version of some of the most popular SD-Range desks, and there’s just the right tailor-made desk for every mix position.

Audio Distribution & Control

4REA4 is a revolution in audio mixing for installed sound. Built on DiGiCo’s world class reputation for the finest mixing consoles, 4REA4 helps you integrate your systems better than ever before. The 4REA4 centralised DSP engine is the hub of the system containing powerful signal processing, expansion slots and connectivity to input / output modules, controllers and consoles.

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