Calrec is a leading designer and supplier of audio broadcast mixing equipment, relied on by the world’s most successful broadcasters. Calrec’s reputation for build quality, reliability and audio performance has made it an industry benchmark across the world.

ARGO – Calrec’s new approach to audio mixing – any panel, anywhere

Argo is the result of over 50 years of expertise and research & development in the science of broadcast audio. Argo boasts native IP connectivity based on industry-wide standards, supercharged DSP with 1000s of DSP paths, and an ultra-modern and user-definable control surface. Argo is the next-generation audio console for all broadcasters, suiting a range of needs, from the largest global sporting events to automated / semi-automated news environments and flagship entertainment shows. With all this and more, Calrec’s Argo will surpass your needs well into the future.

Production Audio for Modern Broadcast Workflows

Broadcasters demand even more versatility and integration from their audio equipment. In this highly progressive era, TV companies want to ensure that their systems can produce programs increasingly efficiently and to exacting specifications. Calrec broadcast consoles are design to deliver content 24/7, with a range of traditional audio and new IP and virtual mixing consoles, each designed for today’s critical broadcast applications.

Outside Broadcast, Remote Production, and AoIP

Calrec understands modern broadcast and the changes required to succeed with networked solutions and the drive for more cost effective content. With IP standards and proprietary network solutions, it’s now easier than ever to share content within facilities and beyond. And with outside broadcast and remote broadcast solutions a core part of Calrec’s offering, the ability to capture a wider range of live events, including esports, news or music festivals, and mix them in a remote facility thousands of miles away, is a reality.

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