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There are no “second takes” when it comes to nailing a live performance, and that extends to production gear as well. You have one shot to get everything right, and Group One has the brands with the robust build and proven reliability to ensure that the “show must go on”—no matter what.

The Perfect Mix

Year after year, the world’s top tours, festivals, and corporate events rely on DiGiCo FOH and monitor consoles more than any other brand for their versatility, fidelity, processing power, and ability to handle massive amounts of I/O without breaking a sweat. And with Solid State Logic now a part of the Group One stable, SSL’s innovative live desks are also winning over many engineers with their user-friendly designs combined with the brand’s rich legacy of sonic excellence. Just as important as the mixing, of course, are the processing and amplification, which have been solidly anchored for years by XTA and MC2 systems on many of the world’s most punishing productions.

Great Headspace

In-ear monitoring systems have quickly been replacing stage wedges on more and more shows, as they can help keep volume levels down and reduce ear fatigue. But KLANG has been the first company to create a truly immersive experience for IEMs, and now that experience can be natively driven from the DiGiCo SD-Range console worksurface. Like witnessing television’s 1950s transition from B&W to color, once you’ve experienced KLANG’s system, you may never be satisfied with “plain old stereo” again.

In the Spotlight

Audio, of course, is only part of the equation of a stirring performance. For more than four decades, Avolites lighting control consoles have been creating some of the most dazzling visual spectacles on the world’s largest and most demanding productions. Whether you prefer to busk your shows or meticulously map out a complex series of cues and snapshots, Avo’s wide range of Titan software-based desks give you the right tools for every task. Combined with elektraLite’s collection of surprisingly affordable, professional LED fixtures and effects, Group One can help ensure that every live event you tackle truly shines.

Larger than Life

These days, it’s becoming rare to catch a concert tour or corporate event that doesn’t also incorporate video displays, and Avolites has that area covered as well. With media servers like the new Ai Q3, any live event can benefit from eye-popping 4K playback that will never skip a beat, even if your heart does.

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