Bringing the software revolution to live audio

Currently, the vast majority of the world’s live audio is processed using bulky, bespoke hardware, toured around the world. This is expensive and inefficient, increasing the cost of live audio for both the engineer and the venue, and the production’s environmental impact. We are bringing the software revolution to live audio: building a hardware-enabled audio software platform that enables engineers to create extraordinary audience experiences for the events of the future, while reducing the environmental impact of brilliant sound.

introducing the transform.engine - any vst3 plugin, live.

transform.engine brings dante-connected studio-grade audio software plugins to live productions and broadcasts around the world in a robust 2U rackmount server.

any plugin, live.

transform.engine runs VST3 plugins, giving engineers and creatives access to the very best studio-grade processing on a robust platform that is specifically designed for the complexities of live productions.

Designed to be integrated directly into live audio workflows, transform.engine delivers control of plugins directly under the fingers of engineers. Beginning with DiGiCo.

need for speed.

transform.engine has been tuned to deliver the lowest-latency solution on the market for hosting VST3 plugins, whilst preserving the reliability and performance of the engine.

Designed as a turn-key solution for plugin hosting, transform.engine is easily controlled by a remote macOS client application. No more relying on complex setups – simply connect to the engine, install your plugins and get processing!

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