Manufactured and distributed in the US by Group One, elektraLite fixtures have been reliably making tours, installations, studios and other professional environments a brighter place for a fraction of the cost of the competition.

Broad spectrum

With elektraLite, there is no shortage of fixture formats and options to choose from. Need spots, cans and washes for a production? No problem, elektraLite has them. Moving lights? Yep, there are those as well. And despite their surprisingly economical price tags, elektraLite products are robust, proven performers that consistently exceed customers’ expectations. Case in point: the ellipsoidal Stingray Profile spot boasts a 300-watt COB LED that outperforms traditional 750-watt units currently on the market with its incredible output of nearly 10,000 lumens. Plus, there’s a whole family of Stingray products, including the Stingray 4-Color, Stingray Mini and Fresnel, ensuring that your production is “totally lit.”

Razzle dazzle

Looking for something a little flashier or more extreme? elektraLite also has a full range of effects lighting beyond its staple collection of more traditional fixtures. From blinders and dazers to strobes and ultraviolets, elektraLite provides the heavy-duty toys to wow the crowd—even including a haze/fog machine to help further enhance the lighting mood. And linear strip fixtures like the elektraBar and elektraBar Mini, with their multiple beam spread options and powerful six-color blended light, can take a stage from boring to brilliant in no time flat.

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