Compatible with the entire SSL Live range, new V5.2 software introduces integrated control of ‘d&b Soundscape’ immersive loudspeaker system and enhancements to ‘Rehearsal and Recorder’ functionality

Oxford, England – Solid State Logic announces new V5.2 software for its SSL Live console range and SOLSA software. V5.2 update introduces integrated control of the ‘d&b Soundscape’ immersive loudspeaker system and significant enhancements to the renowned ‘Rehearsal and Recorder’ functionality. The global launch of SSL Live V5.2 will take place at InfoComm 2023, at the Orange County Contention Center between June 14 – 16. If you are attending the show, visit SSL booth 5881 for more information.

Integrated d&b Soundscape control

The new SSL Live V5.2 update adds control of d&b Soundscape immersive loudspeaker system within the console’s ecosystem. Available on all SSL Live console which update to V5.2, the new control solution can be activated on every input channel and stem to control key soundscape Object parameters; XY Pan, Spread, En-Space Send, Delay Mode and Mapping Area from the channel detail view. The object-based control of soundscape and GUI design allows operators to manipulate multiple parameters simultaneously, which can then be stored and recalled from within the console’s showfile and scene memories.

Tom Knowles, Director of Product Management comments: “The latest V5.2 software update enhances the capabilities of the SSL Live production platform in key areas. As tours, events and houses of worship enhance their audiences experience with next-gen immersive loudspeaker systems, it’s important for Solid State Logic to support partners which have an established presence and technology in the space. We’re delighted to integrate control of d&b’s ‘Soundscape’ system to further enhance SSL Live consoles operator experience.”

Al McKinna, Vice President of d&b’s immersive business unit adds: “This collaboration between SSL and d&b audiotechnik puts the immensely powerful possibilities of spatial audio into the hands of even more audio creatives. SSL users will benefit from an intuitive workflow on an outstanding live console to harness the innovative power of d&b Soundscape. Workflow optimisations such as this result in more time spent on creating unforgettable moments that audiences come together to experience.”

Enhanced ‘Rehearsal and Recorder’ functionality

V5.2 software also delivers greatly enhanced ‘Rehearsal and Recorder’ functionality, which includes multiple switching groups, flexible routing and locking override functions. Eight freely assignable switching groups can be used to manage multiple groups of instruments or even different acts within the same showfile, rehearsals can become very dynamic with fast comparisons. Combined with global and local switching options, plus override “lock to” functions per channel, switching individual channels between live and playback is quick and simple. Free routing of the channel record sends and returns allows any I/O to be used to record any console channel or bus. A brand-new bulk routing UI provides a fast setup to ensure all channel paths are recorded. Showfiles from pre v5.2 automatically translate into the new rehearsal recorder system for a seamless upgrade.

V5.2 software will be available at the end of June 2023 and highlights SSL’s ongoing commitment to keeping the SSL Live platform on the cutting-edge of live sound production technology. For more information, please speak to your SSL Live representative.

Be one of the first to see the new SSL Live V5.2 software at InfoComm 23, where it will be showcased on the flagship L650, and compact high-performance L100 console on SSL booth 5881. For more information please visit: