Testing provides additional clarification on System T standards conformance and interoperability

Oxford, UK — Solid State Logic (SSL) successfully participated in the Spring 2020 JT-NM Tested program, with the HC Bridge SRC and other devices from the SSL Network I/O range included in the “JT-NM Self-Tested” catalogue for ST 2110. With the unforeseen cancellation of the face-to-face event, the JT-NM move forward with the self-tested element placing greater emphasis on the extremely valuable testing tools. JT-NM’s efforts, backed by AMWA, EBU, SMPTE and VSF, are significant for the industry. Media stream and security testing tools are vital for broadcasters to move forward with IP based media production infrastructure.

SSL Network I/O devices are compliant with ST 2110-30 and ST 2022-7 to conformance levels A, B and C, all of which can be used simultaneously to receive and transmit streams on a single device. System T and Network I/O provides AoIP for all eventualities, with ST 2110, AES67 and Dante on the same hardware, all possibilities are covered. Unique full routing control from within the console’s software provides true AoIP resource sharing. Mic inputs are routed across the network when needed, audio outputs can quickly be patched from different consoles as required. Connection management and audio shuffling is performed directly on the network, without the need for additional routing hardware; a truly virtualised audio router.

For more information on Network I/O and System T, please head to: https://www.solidstatelogic.com/solutions/broadcast-production

For more details on the JT-NM Tested program in March 2020 and test results, please go to https://jt-nm.org/jt-nm_tested

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