Elektralite, manufacturer of a diverse range of lighting fixtures, controllers and effects, is pleased to announce the addition of the eye Kandy fixture to its Pro Line of LEDs at InfoComm 2012 (June 13-15, 2012 • Booth #C11912). 

At the heart of Elektralite’s eye Kandy is a 200-watt white LED running at 150 watts for long life and reliability. The white is perfectly balanced so as to not give off a blue-white color so often seen in other fixtures. Lensing is set at a beam angle of 6 degrees, producing a tight, intensely bright, pencil beam of light that can project over long distances. The white LED can be colored using the built-in color wheel, which has 7 glass dichroic filters. 

The eye Kandy has 7 gobos, which are interchangeable and can rotate in both directions. Sixteen (16) tri-color 3-watt LEDs, arranged in a circle around the outside edge of the front lens, are formatted and can be controlled in quadrants. These tri-color LEDs have a beam angle of 25 degrees and can produce color washes around the center pencil-beam of light creating a double effect when the eye Kandy is used as an image projection fixture against a wall, cyc or other surface. The eye Kandy can also be rotated into the audience and used to see the visual effects created by using the tri-color LEDs. This is what makes the fixture unique. 

Additionally, the eye Kandy has strobe and dimming for both the 200-watt LED and the tri-color LEDs, which can be run separately or combined for dramatic effects. It is controlled via DMX-512 or can be set to run automatically, so no need for controller and signal cables. Input voltage range is between 100 volts to 240 volts.

“Our new eye Kandy fixture offers several unique features and functions not found in other LEDs currently available on the market,” explains Elektralite Vice President Norman Wright. “It combines the ability to be a wash fixture and a spot at the same time, and has an incredibly powerful white LED as its spot source‚Ķ no one is using an LED as a pencil-beam effect light. Finally, the eye Kandy can be used for front and rear projection. It can even be used as a shin kicker but with the added advantage that it does not run hot‚Äîa small fact that will please any performer but still mesmerize the audience with the patterns and light effects projected towards them. The eye Kandy is ideal for parties, conventions, live productions, clubs, industrial presentations‚Ķ. Anywhere you want to create visual excitement and stunning aesthetics!”