Certified Audio over IP (AoIP) training by Calrec Sound Institute.

Audio over IP Training: Get some knowledge & become a Calrec approved IP expert with Calrec Sound Institute!

Calrec’s successful Sound Institute increases scope with the launch of its certified online Audio over IP training course

Calrec has expanded the scope of its recently launched Sound Institute with the rollout of its new Audio over IP (AoIP) training course. This provides a comprehensive understanding of AoIP, from basic concepts to advanced practices. The first four of seven online AoIP training sessions are now available and are delivered by the company’s IP Network Specialist Dave Sampson.

Dave Sampson, IP Network Specialist at Calrec, said: “After a great recent launch of our Sound Institute with more than 650 students have enrolled to take a Calrec certified course across our Brio and Type R products, now we’ve added comprehensive AoIP training. This certified series helps broadcast and audio professionals master or refresh their AoIP knowledge. Our goal with this certification is to give broadcasters a comprehensive understanding of not only the value of AoIP but the details of how it works, implementation and day-to-day use. One of the key aspects is understanding intelligent network design, something that Calrec has gained great experience of via real-world customer deployments.”

Each week, Calrec releases a new training video on its website, with seven in total. The videos cover everything a broadcast facility needs to know about IP such as how it works and the effects it is having on the industry. Topics covered include networking, multicast through to PTP and the importance of intelligent network design.

David Latham, Senior Sound Guarantee at UK Outside Broadcast specialists Telegenic, who has signed up for Calrec’s IP training courses, commented: “IP is becoming more central to what we do. More and more of the contracts Telegenic work on are based around IP, and it’s easy to feel more exposed. There are a number of great self-certification courses by people like Cisco, Dante and Calrec, and some synergy between them, but what I like about the Calrec IP training course is that it is geared to broadcast and I can apply the knowledge directly to my work here at Telegenic.”

The Calrec Sound Institute launched in August with a certified series of training videos for Brio and Type R designed to get an operator up and running in minutes. The Sound Institute also offers free operator manuals for every Calrec product, a 66-page introduction to Calrec functionality and applications, and a 66-step video tutorial on Calrec’s Summa digital console.

Sampson adds: “We’re proud to not only be taking the lead in AoIP product development and deployment, including Type R and ImPulse, but also taking a leadership role in helping to upskill our partners and customers. We have developed an in-depth knowledge of the world of AoIP and we’re eager to share this. I’m pleased to be involved in this latest module of the Calrec Sound Institute and as always, we are here to help.

Complete our AoIP Training in 4 Easy Steps! 

  1. Register or sign in to your existing Calrec account
  2. Watch each video
  3. Answer a set of questions per video correctly
  4. Download & share your certificate

To learn more and to register for Calrec’s certified training, please visit: Calrec.com/calrec-sound-institute

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