As Harrison Audio proudly carries forward its nearly 50-year legacy in console design, the 32Classic brings their timeless craftsmanship and legendary sound quality to the modern studio.

Nashville TN – Legendary console manufacturer and software developer Harrison Audio announces the debut of its 32Classic Mixing Console, a 32-channel in-line/split-recording console. Featuring a beautiful analog tone, flexible workflows and hybrid studio functionality, the 32Classic is a ‘purist’ console with modern, premium features. Harrison Audio is now a part of Solid State Logic following its acquisition in April 2023. The new 32Classic is designed and engineered by Harrison Audio in Nashville, Tennessee, and manufactured in Oxford, England.

With a hybrid modular design and premium componentry throughout, the 32Classic is able to accommodate a variety of ‘traditional’ and modern ‘hybrid’ workflows. Its 32 mono mic/line channels, classic 32C four-band parametric EQ with variable high-pass and low-pass filters and other built-in modern features — such as 64 channels of high-end AD/DA conversion and a Dante AoIP interface — make the 32Classic an integral part of a modern mixing environment or a classic tracking room.

With its transformer-coupled mic preamp design, super-smooth and musical EQ’s, legendary filters, and premium circuitry, the 32Classic is sure to inspire confidence among sonic purists. Its end-to-end premium design features gold-plated switches, conductive plastic potentiometers, and summing buses carried by PCB’s. All of these elements and more deliver a console which is at the pinnacle of sonic performance. The 32Classic creates the vibe to inspire artists and the confidence for producers and engineers to excel.

“The 32Classic has been designed from the ground up to include the sound and features that Harrison consoles are known for, set in a modular design that accommodates modern workflows,” commented Gary Thielman, President, Harrison Audio LLC. “With the launch of our 32Classic, we are excited to begin a new journey with Harrison Audio.”

Over the past 50 years, Harrison production tools have helped world-renowned artists create some of the most recognized and celebrated music in history. The 32Classic takes their legacy in analog console design and combines it with modern studio integration, giving artists, producers and engineers the tools needed to record and mix music which stands the test of time.

Key features of the 32Classic

  • Available in 32 and 48 channel variants
  • Classic 32C 4 band EQ with HP and LP filters
  • Transformer balanced Mic preamplifiers
  • Transformer balanced Main Mix output
  • In-line or split recording/monitoring status
  • Balanced Line input, Balanced insert points, Balanced Direct Outputs
  • 100mm premium faders
  • 8 Multitrack Buses, 4 Aux Sends, Stereo Cue Send
  • 64 channels of premium AD/DA
  • Built-in DANTE AoIP interface (optional extra)
  • 12 Wide Atmos Monitoring (7.1.4)
  • DAW-compatible frame design
  • Instrument input fed from center section
  • Zero Fader Lock/bypass
  • And much more…

The 32Classic sports a history-rich analog design, incorporating the same high-end modular elements found across the spectrum of Harrison console models from eras past, and is destined to become an iconic part of Harrison’s legacy. To see the new console in person, please visit the Harrison booth  [824A] at AES NY 23.  If you’d like to book a demonstration of the 32Classic, please contact us at

Harrison Audio is distributed globally through Solid State Logic’s partner network, which includes Group One in the USA. For further information, please visit


About Harrison

​Harrison has been designing and manufacturing audio mixing consoles in Nashville, Tennessee (Music City, USA) since 1975. Their products serve the markets of music recording/mixing, international film and television sound production, audio post-production, and broadcast audio.