ElektraLite proudly announces the launch of three new professional LED products – the 1018-AI, eyeBall Outdoor and LightStream – all of which are making their worldwide debut at PLASA Focus: Baltimore 2014 on May 8 and 9.

“”We’re very pleased to be expanding two of our most successful product families as well as introducing a brand new innovative product that our customers have been asking for,”” says Tyler Wise, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for ElektraLite. “”We’re confident that these new professional LED products will more than satisfy the long-term needs of even the most punishing environments, from theme parks to concert tours to Broadway productions and more.””

The new 1018-AI is an improved version of ElektraLite’s popular 1018 QUAD LED stage light now boasting an additional two colors: amber and indigo. Featuring 18 powerful 12-watt, six-in-one LEDs (RGBAWI), the new color additions and sophisticated optics allow the 1018-AI to provide extensive toning, true-to-life blending and pastel range output.

eyeBall Outdoor
The dependable and affordable eyeBall family of fixtures now has a waterproof option. The new eyeBall Outdoor puts the same power, control and great color-blending capabilities of the RGBW eyeBall into a new IP65 waterproof form factor. The latest eyeBall preserves the same reliable optics for superior color blending, as well as comes with a wide variety of IP68 power and data cables to complete any outdoor lighting system.

LightStream, the new special event fixture from ElektraLite, is a multi-plane moving head spot system featuring six 12-watt, quad (RGBW) LEDs. With each LED having a tight three-degree beam spread, the fixture features split-yoke rotators offering high-speed independent pan (540 degrees) and tilt (270 degrees) control for advanced beam effects and movement profiles. LightStream also features individual control of each beam’s profile – including color, intensity, strobe, and effects – allowing for limitless effect combinations.

Retail pricing (USD) on the new products is as follows: 1018-AI, $899; eyeBall Outdoor, $499; LightStream, $1499.

For more info on ElektraLite’s new 2014 products, visit: http://myelektralite.com