Since late-November, visitors to Louisville’s South Fourth Street dining, entertainment and shopping district have been treated to some festive architectural “eye candy” thanks to Axxis, Inc., a local production design firm, that installed 25 elektraLite 1018 LED fixtures illuminating building façades along the street.

According to Justin Wardell, Axxis senior account director, the overhaul has already made a difference in achieving the city’s goal was to increase pedestrian foot traffic to the area, anecdotally, at least. 

“I talked to a shop owner who said a customer wandered in, not familiar with the area, and ended up spending $5,000 in art and antiques,” Wardell said. “So far, there has been a wholly positive response to the project.”

This latest installation comprises phase one of a four-phase project that is lining up new grant money to expand the revitalization to neighboring streets.

Although the city had illuminated nearby areas in previous years for “Light Up Louisville” and “40 Nights of Lights,” those events were both designed for finite periods of time. The current installation of elektraLite LED fixtures now turns on automatically 365 days a year in conjunction with the city streetlights.

With such long-term use in mind, Wardell notes that the IP-65-rated 1018s were selected for their strong output (18 12W RGBWAI), vibrant colors, price and, of course, robust performance outdoors, which can range in temperatures from below freezing to more than 100-degrees Fahrenheit.

The 1018’s broad palette of colors is also being put to good use over the various holidays, such February’s Valentine’s Day, where the LEDs “painted the town red.” Saint Patrick’s Day will soon bathe the city in green, while white, green and red—the colors of Mexico’s flag—will be used for Cinco de Mayo. “In April, Louisville will host the Final Four NCAA basketball tournament, so the LED colors will be those of the schools playing,” Wardell said. “It’s a lot of fun and really makes a dramatic impression to those down on Fourth Street.”