Photo: DiGiCo’s new Line Check Mode

When the SD Range was conceived, it was designed with an unparalleled level of processing flexibility, configurability and functionality. Thanks to the incredible power of the company’s proprietary Stealth Digital Processing, which enables the DiGiCo boffins to add additional functions as they see them becoming needed, a few years later the power of the SD Series is still unsurpassed.

This latest software upgrade delivers a host of new features, including:

Aux to Faders Panel added to the layout menu: The panel displays every aux buss in the current session – touching the buss will activate aux to faders. Macro functions have been added for the additional panel controls, with options to activate aux to faders and solo the aux mix. This is a real bonus for single screen consoles and a gift for monitor world.

Line Check Mode: A new Line Check mode for input sockets has been added to the cards and sockets menu in Audio I/O. When active, touching any input socket will allow gain, +48v, pad control and a “Listen” function for that socket, whether it is routed into a channel or not. There is also a drop-down list of channels using this socket.

Merge Input To Buss: Each output channel now has a “Merge Input” available, which allows an additional source to be injected at the input module of the buss and added to the buss signal. If the merge input has a route, the source will be shown at the top of the channel strip. Busses can be cascaded across consoles and additional inputs can be from any source chosen.

Gang Scope: A new “Gangs” tab has been added to the Options panel, where gang scopes can be set for each channel type.

Selected Channel Macro and MIDI Triggers: Macros can now be programmed to act on the last selected Channel or Buss. They can also be triggered by incoming MIDI program change messages.

Snapshots: A select range panel has been added to the “Move Snapshot” function, allowing multiple sequential snapshots to be moved to a specific location in the snapshot list. A numeric keypad in the snapshots panel allows individual snapshots to be recalled when their number is entered.

EQ: The Pre insert bands of the EQ on output busses are now switchable between four band parametric or HPF and LPF EQ. Frequency, gain and filter points can be adjusted by touch when using the expanded EQ display, which has been made larger to accommodate this.

“The SD7 is still the most powerful console available,” says DiGiCo Managing Director James Gordon. “But our aim was always to ensure the entire SD Series had more than enough capacity to give it real longevity.

“We’re proud that we have achieved our aim and can continually increase the functionality of every console in the Series by releasing software that delivers new functionality to address the needs of today’s engineers, and those of the future.”