Brad Hurt got his start DJing in high school in 1987 and continued to hone his craft for the next two decades as a mobile disc jockey.  After taking a six-year break, he restarted his business in 2001 with The Boys DJ‚Äîoffering “”The Ultimate DJ Experience””‚Äîin Clifton, Illinois. He built a state-of-the-art mobile rig that would accommodate his vision for a dance club environment to be created at school dances and a host of private affairs and events.

The Boys DJ mobile rig was outfitted with all of the high-end sound and lighting gear one might find in a dance club, including products from the following manufactures QSC, DBX, Sennheiser, Renkus-Heinz, Turbosound, Rane and Apple computers. The lighting setup consists of a 32’x32’x10′ box of aluminum trussing equipped with Martin Wizard Extremes, a X-Laser Mobile Beat RGB, Martin Atomic 3000, a Antari BU-200 bubble machine, a Martin Magnum 2500Hz hazer, JEM 24/7 hazer. Control is via a wireless DMX and a Martin LightJockey control. Control is via a wireless DMX and a Martin LightJockey control. He recently swapped out eight of his fixtures with eight Elektralite ML601s. The new LED fixtures offer similar output and performance with less power consumption, but it also lightened the weight of his portable system by one-third!

“”I wanted to do something radically different from the competition, so we created a club-style dancing environment by surrounding the dance floor with speakers and lighting like one would find in a dance club in Chicago, New York or Miami,”” explains Hurt. “”Ninety percent of our business is junior high and high school dances because that is who we market our business to, but we also do county fairs, private parties and weddings.  After using some inferior lighting fixtures from one of the major DJ lighting companies, I decided to replace those fixtures with scanners and moving heads from one of the major lighting manufactures from Europe in 2002. The problem with these fixtures was they were very bulky and heavy, difficult to transport for a mobile DJ.  In January 2012 I started exploring other possibilities due to the advances in LED lighting. I was put in contact with Vinny Finnegan and Norm Wright from Elektralite through my lighting designer and programmer, Pryce Bourgeois at Dark Room Enterprises in Garland, Texas. I met Vinny and Norm in Chicago in May and got a demo of the ML601.  Needless to say, I was very impressed with the light output, size and performance of the fixture. The ML601 simply smokes the competition. We demoed fixtures from other manufacturers such as American DJ, Elation and Chauvet and the ML601 is smaller in size, weighs less, is brighter and has more features for around the same price! Other companies manufacture LED moving heads but they weigh around the same as conventional 250 watt discharge fixtures so we did not even consider those.  The ML601 is the best LED fixture of its size on the market, period!””

In July, Hurt replaced all of his 50-pound moving heads and scanners with eight Elektralite ML601s, with great results. “”We noticed very little difference in light output from the 250-watt discharge fixtures we replaced,”” he admits. “”The discharge fixtures weighed 50 pounds each, with the dual flight case 200 pounds, and we could not safely transport the Martin fixtures in anything but the flight cases due to size and weight. The ML601s are transported in Arriba bags because they are so small and light, weighing only 17 pounds, thereby eliminating around 600 pounds of weight from our trailer as well. No more large flight cases!  The light output is very similar to the 250-watt discharge lamps we were using at one-third of the weight, and the ML601 uses over one amp less power consumption per fixture, and no bulb replacement.””

With a busy schedule of events coming up through the holiday season and the end of the year, Hurt looks forward to rocking his rig on all these events with ease.

Watch the Boys DJ in action HERE: