The SSL 360° V1.6 software update significantly enhances SSL’s range of controllers and 360°-enabled plug-ins with key new features and workflows

Oxford, England — Solid State Logic (SSL) proudly announces the release of SSL 360° v1.6, a software update that enhances its range of controllers and compatible plug-ins. The V1.6 update introduces several key new features, including increased DAW integration for VST3 DAWs, a MIDI CC Layer, customizable soft key colours, and follow selected track functionality for UF1. Additionally, there are supporting plug-in updates for 4K B, Channel Strip 2, Bus Compressor 2, and Meter. The V1.6 update highlights SSL’s commitment to remaining at the forefront of modern production workflows, with many of the new features driven by user feedback.

SSL 360 V1.6 updates and enhancements include:

  • Enhanced DAW Integration via SSL 360°: UC1/UF8/UF1 controllers now offer even tighter integration with VST3 DAWs like Cubase, Nuendo, Live, Studio One, REAPER, and LUNA. This integration provides control of DAW faders, pans and sends from UC1/UF8/UF/the 360° Plug-inMixer. The new integration also synchronises the DAW track colour and displays longer track names.
  • Additional UF8 & UF1 templates: New Harrison Mixbus and REAPER DAW templates for UF8 and UF1, pre-configured to enhance your workflow.
  • SSL 360° Plug-in Mixer enhancements: Featuring collapsible sections, a scalable GUI with two different ‘Zoom’ views, and the ability to control A/B, HQ Mode, and Undo/Redo directly from the Plug-in Mixer.
  • MIDI CC for UF8 and UF1: Control virtual instruments, sample libraries, and MIDI equipment. Map, rename, and colour CC controls across UF8 and UF1 ‘MIDI CC’ Layers.
  • UF1 workflow enhancements: Automatic track follow in select DAWs via MCU and improved FADER SEL channel scrolling for easier access to all tracks in the DAW session.
  • Customisable UF8 & UF1 RGB soft key colours: Select from 12 different colours for any of UF8’s 43 or UF1’s 46 rubber softkeys.
  • UF8 & UF1 Cubase/Nuendo MCU update: Choose between +6 and +12 fader mapping in Cubase/Nuendo to keep you in the sweet spot.
  • UF8, UF1, and UC1 hardware enhancements: Adjustable brightness for hardware, set via SSL 360° CONTROL SETUP page allows you to reduce controller brightness in dark studio environments.
  • Bus Compressor 2: Added scalable GUI options to the highly regarded Bus Compressor 2 Plug-in.
  • 4K B and Channel Strip 2 enhancements: Advanced settings added, including Width Mode (Full, Low, or High with settable frequency), Compressor Auto Make-up on/off with adjustable reference level, and Analogue VCA Fader modelling on/off for 4K B.

SSL 360 V1.6 is a free update that can be downloaded from the SSL Download Manager app or from the HOME page of the SSL 360°. The supporting updates to 360°-enabled plug-ins (4K B, Channel Strip 2, Bus Compressor 2 and Meter) can be downloaded from the SSL Download Manager.