Powerful, portable, and competitively priced, Austrian Audio’s mobile-friendly, high-quality microphone is made for content creators, journalists, and musicians alike.

Vienna, Austria — Austrian Audio, known for designing and manufacturing high-quality headphones and microphones for studio and stage environments, has introduced a new creative tool for simplified audio recording.

Designed by Austrian Audio in Vienna, MiCreator Studio is both a flexible plug-and-play microphone and a multifaceted production tool designed to capture ultra-high-quality audio in almost any location. It is an all-in-one package that can fit in your pocket and robust enough to take on the road.

Sturdy yet lightweight, this nimble recording system seamlessly combines a condenser microphone and an audio interface with USB-C connectivity in a format that makes crystal-clear recording easy for users of all skill levels — no professional audio experience required. Its approachable design and straightforward operation make MiCreator an ideal choice for first-time content creators and podcast hosts, journalists on the go, travel bloggers, voiceover artists, and anyone seeking a reliable, intuitive audio recording device.

Designed for a Range of Creative & Professional Use Cases

Journalists and broadcasters have always relied on quality audio and visual tools to communicate important messaging effectively. Today, with a boom in podcast production and social media content creation, makers of these tools are focused on developing universal solutions fit for both DIY and professional use — Austrian Audio’s MiCreator Studio does just that.

  • Content Creators: Pro-level audio without the price tag
  • Podcast Hosts: Uninterrupted, long-lasting, high-quality sound
  • Journalists: Perfect for virtual and in-person interviews
  • Voiceover Artists: Ideal for practice, DIY submissions, or studio sessions
  • Musicians: Band rehearsals, live performances, and even studio recordings
  • Sound Designers: On-the-go field recording made easy

MiCreator Studio USB Mic Package: What’s Included

  • Condenser microphone with built-in audio interface, intuitive on-board controls, line input, and USB cable port
  • USB-C to USB-C cable for convenient plug-and-play setup and operation
  • Microphone stand adapter
  • TS to TRRS cable for use with external instruments
  • Drawstring dust cover
  • Panel customization options
  • Quick-start guide with setup instructions

With dynamic, full-bodied sound for the experienced musician and an intuitive USB-friendly option for creators seeking a simple audio solution, MiCreator Studio offers the best of both worlds at a $199 USD price point.

More information about MiCreator can be found on Austrian Audio’s website.


About Austrian Audio

Austrian Audio opened its doors in 2017 following the closure of the AKG offices in Vienna and set out to create something new, challenging, and respectful to its heritage. The new company started with a core team of previous AKG personnel from management, acoustics, electronics, test and measurement, mechanical design, RF/wireless, and software/firmware, bringing 350 years of cumulative engineering experience to the new company. For more information, visit austrian.audio.