Hebden Bridge, UK — Expanding on its already robust technical support team and further investing in IP, Group One, professional audio and lighting distributor of Audiotonix brands across the US, has hired two new Calrec Support Engineers in the US: Gerard Kaufold and Gerrald Samraj. Both are working across Calrec’s entire product roster, which includes the new Argo mixing system that was introduced at IBC 2022.

Both engineers recently completed IP training at Calrec’s headquarters in Hebden Bridge, UK. Darren Silcock, Calrec’s Lead Customer Support Engineer, said, “The world of IP is so highly specialized and technical, and in a broadcast environment there are very specific protocols to adhere to. Calrec has years of experience working with pure IP and hybrid IP infrastructures, and face-to-face training is crucial with this level of technicality. You need to understand a high level of detail and with our highly experienced IP team already in place, Gerard and Gerrald were able to do that.”

Kaufold has been hired as West Coast Support Engineer where he’s responsible for supporting overall performance through efficient customer service. His tasks include commissioning, after sales service, customer training, network support and general customer service. Samraj carries the same role and duties but on the east coast. Both positions require technical support to Calrec’s sales & marketing teams as well as operational and maintenance training.

Gerard Kaufold (left) and Gerrald Samraj (right)

Kaufold previously worked as an audio engineer at Turner Sports in Atlanta and NFL Networks in Los Angeles among other high-profile positions. In 2015 he was awarded the CNN Worldwide Technical Operations Employee of the Year. Samraj is a New York State licensed instructor who previously worked at Times Square Church as the Lead Audio Engineer FOH and Monitors. He was also the Instructor of Sound & Video Engineer for ACCESS Institute in New York.

Bryan Bradley, President of Group One, said, “It’s vital that we continue to increase the IP support that we provide to Calrec customers as they adopt these new workflows. Customers are moving at varying speeds and have wildly differing knowledge when it comes to IP, so the knowledge and help we provide is essential so they can realize their full potential.”