elektraLite announces the introduction of its new eyeBall IUV (ELE728), a high-output, quality LED fixture delivering truly invisible ultraviolet light from a compact, lightweight design.

At the heart of the eyeBall IUV are eighteen three-watt LEDs operating at a wavelength of 365nm, completely invisible to the human eye. The fixture’s impressive output delivers incredibly vivid fluorescence at distances of more than 75 feet with zero visible light emitting from the fixture, which allows for extraordinary dark room and black light effects.

“Specifically designed with themed environments in mind, this fixture is ideal for everything from live concerts, nightclubs and theatrical applications to special events and museum exhibitions to theme parks, haunted houses and a million other settings where high-quality and invisible ultraviolet light is required,” notes Tyler Wise, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for the lighting brand.

Able to fit in tight spaces, including 12-inch box trusses, the new elektraLite fixture was designed with an ultra-compact form factor for low ceiling applications. And, at less than five pounds the eyeBall is extremely lightweight, allowing for more fixtures to be hung in a given space. Equipped with a convenient and sturdy double-yoke, mounting options are practically limitless.

A user-friendly onboard control interface allows for multiple control options in addition to DMX, including RGB, strobe and console-free master/slave operation. Plug-and-play functionality is built right in.

Furthermore, the eyeBall IUV has both power in and thru for easy daisy chaining, and includes an interconnect jumper cable. The DMX connectors (both in and thru) are five-pin XLR; however, 3>5 pin and 5>3 pin turnarounds are provided for maximum flexibility.

Additional eyeBall IUV features include:
• 15-, 25- (installed), 40- and 60-degree beam spreads via supplied interchangeable lenses
• Flicker-free on-camera operation
• Variable, adjustable-speed strobe effect, from 0.3 to 25 FPS
• Variable, adjustable fans can be set to run automatically, manually, turned off, or controlled via DMX
• Up to eight fixtures can be connected on one 20-amp circuit and can be run in standalone or master/slave configuration, all with or without a control source for fast, effective and efficient operation

For users preferring a non-invisible ultraviolet LED, elektraLite also offers the eyeBall UV (ELE725), which produces a faintly purple 385nm wavelength in addition illuminating the full range of brilliant fluorescent colors. Optional accessories for both models include the ELE735 four-leaf barn door (black) and the availability of an exterior white finish.

Already in stock and shipping to dealers, the elektraLite ELE728 eyeBall IUV lists for $999.00. For more details on the product, visit www.myelektralite.com.