Photo: Three elektraLite elektraBars shown mounted side-by-side displaying a variety of colors

elektraLite, distributed by Group One Limited, is taking advantage of this year’s LDI show to launch three new products on its LDI stand: the elektraBar, Dazer RGBA and MJ Parcan.

The elektraBar ($899) is a 43-inch linear LED fixture that can be linked end-to-end or side-to-side for seamless, continuous coverage. Sporting 18 12-watt, 25-degree LEDs (10- and 40-degree lens kits available), the product’s six-in-one LEDs (RGBAWI) deliver the full color spectrum – including Amber for truly fresh tones – as well as a greater color palette than gels can provide. Combining high-performance with very little power draw (300VI), the elektraBar doesn’t generate any heat, unlike conventional current fixtures that can turn a downstage area into an oven. With no lamps or gels to replace, the elektraBar offers full-range dimming, strobe, DMX control, built-in auto program features, silent operation and an IP65 rating. An optional four-inch adjustable glare shield and beam trim flange is additionally available.

New to elektraLite’s popular Dazer line is the Dazer RGBA ($849), which pairs the same incomparable intensity of the Dazer RGB with added Amber for warmth and toning. Featuring 36 powerful, five-watt LEDs, the Dazer RGBA’s design allows it to serve as a workhorse in stage, studio, live event, production, installation and architectural environments. The product’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of color in a variety of beam spreads, and four interchangeable optics are included giving the flexibility of 15-, 25-, 40- and 60-degree beam spreads.

Offering a choice of 200-watt output in Warm White (3,200K) or RGBAW Color options, the new MJ Parcan ($479) brings all the power, output and performance one would expect from elektraLite to the traditional PAR64 form factor.

“We are really pleased with the new products we are introducing at LDI,” says Tyler Wise, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for elektraLite. “Our dealers have provided great feedback as to what they need, and our partner integrators have put the products through heavy field testing, so these new fixtures truly meet the real-world demands of our professional end-users. In fact, every new product introduced in 2014 was the result of a customer problem that needed a solution, and they turned to elektraLite to help solve their issue. We are now happy to introduce these new products as part of our standard product offering.”

“And 2015 has even more exciting technology coming,” Wise adds. “It’s a great time for elektraLite and we are very confident our customers will be enthusiastic about what we’re bringing them in the near future.”

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