Offering 896 LEDs, the newest elektraBar is pixel-mappable for limitless possibilities


elektraLite’s new elektraBar Vibe LED fixture can display an infinite range of vivid colors and pixel-mapping patterns


Nearly a decade after launching its popular elektraBar linear strip fixture, elektraLite now proudly unveils its new elektraBar Vibe. Measuring one meter in length, the company’s newest professional lighting bar takes a decidedly different approach than its predecessor.

The Vibe sports 128 columns of seven RGBW LEDs for a total of 896 “pixels” each providing 0.3 watts for a combined 268.8 watts of emitter output. Boasting a generous beam spread of 120 degrees, multiple elektraBar Vibes can be linked together via side-panel locking plates to create a near seamless line of brilliant visuals for the stage. Fully DMX compatible, the product is controllable in 13-channel, 256-channel, or 258-channel modes, and can be seamlessly pixel-mapped in two columns of seven devices using Art-Net via the Ethernet ports on the back.


The new elektraBar Vibe from elektraLite


“Our new Vibe is a total stunner!” enthuses Brandon Tsaptsinos, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for the elektraLite brand. “The colors on our latest elektraBar absolutely pop and its pixel-mapping capabilities mean that there are zero limits on what it can be used for creatively. From concert tours to theatre to literally any professional environment needing a rich and vibrant splash of eye candy, the Vibe will definitely help set the right mood.”

A truly versatile performer, the Vibe is flicker-free and can be used in a variety of ways for illuminating a stage: as a cyc light, or for side, back, or front lighting. If the 120-degree beam spread is too wide, its width can be cut with an available glare shield for beam control and rough focusing. The product can also be aimed at the audience and used as a light source to project pixel-mapping LEDs, which can be combined into a larger composite image when multiple Vibes are deployed together.

Housed in a robust gloss gray aluminum chassis equipped with corrosion-resistant hardware and a rigid flat steel yoke, the Vibe can be mounted from either a single handle point in the center or via its included trunnion feet.

For more details on the elektraBar Vibe, come see elektraLite at USITT booth #2624 in Seattle from March 21-23, 2024, or visit the company’s newly-designed website found online at