With its 350-watt COB LED and CRI of 95, the new moving light is sure to hit the bullseye for countless installation projects



elektraLite proudly announces the launch of its new professional-grade moving light fixture known as the Aero. Perfect for any environment requiring a mover—from churches and schools to theaters, performing arts centers, and more—Aero is powered by a 350-watt COB single-source LED delivering a balanced Cool White (6500K) color temperature and CRI of 95.

“We worked with a number of lighting designers on the creation of our new Aero, so its functionality and feature set far exceed just the basic essentials that one might expect to find in a moving light at this price point,” says Brandon Tsaptsinos, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for the elektraLite brand. “Beyond its best-in-class lighting output and superbly rich color palette, there are plenty of amenities on this fixture that will make it an incredibly versatile performer for just about any application.”

The new Aero moving light fixture from elektraLite

The Aero is a full‐featured tool that is compact enough for tight spaces but bright enough for large stages where strong intensity, reliability, and diversity are necessary. The fixture’s superior lensing ensures that light output is high and devoid of troublesome hot spots, while its liquid-cooled engines provide near-silent operation ideal for quiet spaces.

The new mover boasts not only a CMY system, as one would expect, but also three dichroics per wheel that offer a palette of colors simply not obtainable by color mixing alone. Deep blues, deep reds, and greens are there, plus a CTO filter, on a separate channel, for color temperature changes.

The Aero is capable of producing considerably more than just colors. It is equipped with nine interchangeable static gobos and seven interchangeable rotating gobos. The rotating gobos are also indexable on a separate channel to give maximum accuracy in positioning. Additional standout features of the Aero include, a rotating five‐way prism, iris, frost filter, and strobe. Zoom (4-35°) and focus both have normal and fine controls for complete accuracy, while the dimmer also has a channel dedicated to different types of dimmer curves.


A closeup view of Aero’s onboard control panel

The new fixture offers 540° of pan and 270° of tilt, with fine-tuning channels. Control is achieved via a choice of 5-pin or 3-pin XLRs for hardwired DMX, or built-in wireless DMX. There are also “locks” on both pan and tilt for transportation purposes.

The Aero’s Remote Device Management (RDM) and Micro C socket for an external power source, such as a mobile phone or external battery, also allow lighting designers and operators to set DMX channel assignments and set up menus without AC power. This is an obvious advantage when setting up menus for a truss full of fixtures.

For more details on the Aero, visit elektraLite’s newly-designed website found online at www.myelektralite.com.