Following last year’s launch of the versatile elektraBar, elektraLite now announces the immediate availability of its new elektraBar Mini.

Approximately half the length of the original elektraBar—23.6 inches (60cm) versus 43 inches—the elektraBar Mini is a powerful, full-featured linear LED strip fixture delivering rich, vibrant color as well as true, brilliant, tunable white.

At the heart of the new elektraLite product are eight professional-grade, 12-watt, six-in-one LEDs capable of generating red, green, blue, white, amber and indigo. By mixing colors internally, the elektraBar Mini’s sophisticated diffraction lensing system provides perfectly blended single-color output. The inclusion of the amber component facilitates true white color toning, while the indigo component intensifies the color range for pastels and deep blues and purples.

The elektraBar Mini features individual control of each pixel, allowing for more than 16 million possible colors on the eight LED emitters. With individual control of each diode for effect sequences down to two-inch increments, the fixture’s precision spacing makes it ideal for low-resolution pixel mapping and video wall applications

Available in 10-, 25-, 40- or 120-degree beam spreads for limitless applications, the product is also extremely efficient. Up to 16 fixtures can be connected on one 20-amp circuit and run in standalone or master/slave configurations, all with or without a control source, for fast, effective and “electric bill-friendly” operation. Furthermore, the product’s IP65/68 rating and rugged steel and aluminum build makes it a solid performer in even the most punishing environments.

“The elektraBar Mini is a great low-profile strip light fixture perfect for coves and footlight applications, or anywhere that a small, thin fixture is needed with a lot of power,” says Tyler Wise, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for elektraLite. “The elektraBar Mini is also a cost-effective pixel-mapping solution, capable of great effects and low-resolution imagery.”

Currently in stock and ready to ship, the new elektraBar Mini carries a list price of $699. For more information on the product, visit