Continually striving to make the world a brighter place, elektraLite is pleased to announce the debut of its new Audience Blinder, which provides balanced, bright white light in a variety of options at an unprecedented intensity level for its format.

Delivering its visual punch via 144 powerful, five-watt LEDs, the elektraLite Audience Blinder is available in two versions: “Warm White” with its consistent 3,200K color temperature and CRI of 94, and “Cool White” offering a stark 6,500K white with CRI of 78. Providing 128 potential combinations of optics and color, the fixture is designed to accommodate a full range of floodlight/wash light requirements.

The brightest LED blinder on the market, elektraLite’s new Audience Blinder consumes only 950 watts (7.9A), requiring much less dimming and amperage capacity, as well as less feeder cable for a conventional touring rig. DMX control gives the user access to extensive features for both live performance events and solid-state television lighting.

In addition to living up to its name as a true “audience blinder,” the new elektraLite fixture is also ideally suited for location lighting, audience fill lighting for television and video, and flood lighting for various film, television and stage events thanks to its clean, flicker-free performance. The Audience Blinder’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of light in a variety of beam spreads giving the user the options of 15-, 25-, 40- or 60-degree dispersions.

“With its powerful-yet-efficient LED performance and rugged design, our new Audience Blinder is a workhorse ready to bring ultra-bright white light to a myriad of events, from theatre and concert stages to film and television productions,” notes Tyler Wise, Group One Limited’s national sales manager for elektraLite.

Additional features include:
– Variable adjustable-speed strobe effects
– Ability to run in standalone or master/slave configuration, with or without a control source, for fast, effective and efficient operation
– Built-in cooling and thermal protection
– Strong yoke with mounting positions for two c-clamps for secure, adaptable mounting options

Available immediately, the Audience Blinder carries a list price of $1,399. For more information on the product, visit