Photo: elektraLite elektraBars providing stage backlighting for Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County’s 60th anniversary gala

For Musson Theatrical, a supplier of entertainment technology and services based in Santa Clara, California, elektraLite’s lighting products are frequently called upon to provide the right illumination aesthetic that its clients require.

For example, the company recently deployed a dozen elektraLite eyeBall and four new elektraBar LED fixtures for a special event at San Jose’s Santana Row in support of Good Samaritan Hospital, as well as at a variety of other outdoor concert events.

“One elektraBar on the top of a curtain of crystal beads and one on the bottom proved to be an inventive way to provide area light while hiding an ugly tree just behind the curtain,” says Musson Theatrical Projection and Lighting Specialist Linnie McIntyre on using the fixtures for a premiere of the most recent James Bond film, Spectre, at Santana Row. “Area light plus some bling!” she adds.

Musson also supplied seven elektraBars to light another crystal curtain and provide backlight for Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County’s 60th anniversary gala at the San Jose Marriott.

According to McIntyre, the choice of lights for both rental and permanent installations typically comes down to several basic factors: price point, size and color mixing capabilities. “The addition of Indigo component to the LED fixture has given us a broader color palette, especially in the blues and pinks,” she says, adding that many requests for the elektraLite products are now coming directly from Musson’s customers, who are using them for a full range of events, including fundraising galas, dances and concerts.

“We rent elektraLite fixtures to numerous customers on a weekly basis, and many ask about purchasing them,” she notes. “Speaking of which, I know we have sold about two dozen of the elektraBars to schools in the past six months alone.”

When asked why elektraLite’s products have become standbys for many of Musson Theatrical’s productions, McIntyre notes, “With the eyeBalls, it’s the price point and color selection, while the elektraBar’s size, colors and output are really unbeatable for the price.”

The lighting specialist further appreciates elektraLite’s positive reception to Musson Theatrical’s suggestions of customizing the elektraBar to specific specifications, as well as the product line’s versatility to adapt to all kinds of environments.

“For events where we do live IMAG [image magnification] or video capture, the punch of the elektraBar is often commented on by the director because of its even color mix and field while still having a strong backlit component,” McIntyre adds.