FOH engineer Demetrius Moore’s maiden voyage with the new desk is joined by a pair of DiGiCo Quantum338 consoles for monitors and an SD12 dedicated to the show’s football-themed tour’s marching band


Moore calls the Quantum852 the “Rolls-Royce of live mixing consoles”


Drake, the artist credited with popularizing the expression YOLO—“you only live once”—has managed to pack enough accomplishments for 100 lives into his 37 years. They include five Grammy Awards, three Juno Awards, and Billboard Hot 100 awards for the most charted songs of any artist, the most top 10 singles, the most top 10 debuts, and the most cumulative weeks in the top 10, among others. Furthermore, in 2021, he became only the second act to occupy the entire Hot 100’s top five in a single week, following the Beatles.

Drake’s FOH engineer, Demetrius Moore, at the tour’s DiGiCo Quantum852

This year, Drake kicked off his touring season with an 11-week trek with J. Cole running from Florida in February to Colorado in April. Onboard for the It’s All A Blur Tour – Big As The What? is Demetrius Moore, on his 14th year as the artist’s front-of-house engineer.

Drake now has another distinction: he’s officially the first artist to take a new Clair Global-supplied DiGiCo Quantum852 console out on tour, starting February 2 in Tampa, and Moore is thrilled. “I was on the Quantum852 for two weeks before the first show, at rehearsals at Drake’s place in Toronto and then at the Izod Center in New Jersey, and I have to tell you that it has made me an even bigger fan of DiGiCo—and I have been a huge fan of their consoles for years,” says Moore. “It has an entirely new level of warmth and clarity. Right out of the box, the experience was like when we went from 48k to 96k. Every instrument and voice occupies its own space. You can instantly hear the difference, even over the talkback, which we’re sending over the comms line.”

The Quantum852 offers substantial ergonomic advantages that allow Drake’s FOH engineer to easily manage the 30 channels of tracks used for the tour. And the new desk is getting  a workout on the tour, says Moore, who is joined by monitor engineer Chris Lee on a pair of DiGiCo Quantum338 consoles—Drake’s show will see him use every inch of the stage, and with no tunnel beneath the stage Lee may have to run between desks if there are any problems with the rapper’s IEMs—and Ryan Koolman on an SD12 mixing the tour’s marching band.

Moore is using plenty of “flavor” from the Quantum852 Spice Rack, including multiband compressors and dynamic EQs, while he applies a BAE 1073MPL mic pre and an Avalon 737 tube mic pre for Drake’s Sennheiser 9000 mic. In particular, he’s been applying the Chili 6 six-band, dynamic, multiband compressor/expander to the 9000s of Drake and the one used by the “sports” announcer who roams the crowd during the show, assuring a high level of speech intelligibility and clarity.


The current tour also benefits from a new Fourier Audio transform.engine


Moore is also now using a brand new DiGiCo-distributed Fourier Audio transform.engine, a Dante-connected server designed to run VST3-native software plugins in a live environment, to bring premium studio software processing to Drake’s shows.

Once he and the Quantum852 hit the open waters of the tour, Moore says he really began to feel the power of the new desk. “The new fader caps are amazing—the traction, the firmness of the movement—and the screens are easy to see while also easy on the eyes,” he says. “The only way to really express it is to say that it’s like riding in a Rolls-Royce. The Quantum852 is the Rolls-Royce of live mixing consoles: stable, smooth, and perfect.”


The audio production crew for Drake’s 2024 North American tour


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