There are certain situations where one needs absolute quiet as in
a broadcast situation. With this in mind, DiGiCo has developed the Remote Rack
PSU or RR-PSU for its SD range of digital mixing consoles. This simple, yet
elegant, solution comprises two modules: one with a single multi-pin connector,
the other a 3U rack mount unit with a corresponding multi-pin connector and two
power supply sockets. These two modules are connected via a 5m long cable,
allows the power supply to sit in a remote location, thus removing any fan
noise from the level sensitive area.

The RR-PSU can also be used in conjunction with the SD11, with the additional
benefit of turning the SD11 into a redundant PSU system.

“Under normal circumstances, the PSU fan noise produced by our consoles is
insignificant,” says DiGiCo managing director, James Gordon, “but in some level
sensitive theatres and halls we wanted to take our console to a further stage
of quiet. The RR-PSU is another addition to our ancillary range of equipment
that makes this possible with our SD consoles. Combine it with an SD11 and you
have the makings of an amazing little broadcast console.”

The DiGiCo RR-PSU can be used with SD8, SD9, SD10 and SD11 consoles.