Photo: The DiGiCo SD12 displaying a beta version of the new KLANG integration on its left screen with the SD12 96 upgrade screen visible on the right

With NAB 2019 just around the corner, DiGiCo announces that it will be spotlighting a number of innovative new products on stand C7408 from April 8-11. Among these are: the DMI-A3232 card for S-Series desks; new software expanding the channel counts and capabilities of the SD12 and SD10; and the initial integration of KLANG:technologies’ immersive in-ear mixing into the SD-Range—plus several “surprises” yet to be announced in Las Vegas.

The DMI-A3232 card from the 4REA4 Range is now incorporated into the S-Series consoles. This I/O expansion allows for the 4REA4 I/O to be directly connected to the S-Series, widening the I/O possibilities. As part of this upgrade, the newly launched S21-Stage48 and S31-Stage48 systems are being offered with 48 Mic inputs from stage via three A168 STAGE Racks.

NAB also sees DiGiCo showcasing software upgrades for the SD12 and SD10, which take both consoles to new levels. With the SD12 96 upgrade, users can supercharge their SD12 desks, expanding them from 72 to 96 channels and from 36 to 48 aux/sub groups. Aside from the SD12 96 chargeable upgrade, the new SD10+ upgrade comes free of charge. Only available for Core 2 consoles, SD10+ expands the already powerful SD10 from 132 to 144 input channels. The two upgrade packages continue DiGiCo’s commitment to providing additional value on clients’ original console investments, and both will be available from the DiGiCo online shop in April.

Finally, following the recent acquisition of KLANG:technologies by DiGiCo, the two companies are delighted to give attendees the opportunity to experience a working version of their new control integration for immersive in-ear mixing at NAB 2019. The bidirectional control of mixes and immersive pan positioning will allow monitor engineers to provide fully immersive IEM feeds as part of their normal workflow. A beta version of the software will be running on several SD-Range consoles throughout the show.

“NAB provides us with the ideal platform to showcase continuing developments across all our products, especially for our broadcast and HOW clients where the 4REA4 audio distribution platform has proved very successful,” comments DiGiCo General Manager Austin Freshwater. “We are especially proud, though, to present the KLANG immersive IEM integration so quickly after the acquisition, further providing our clients the innovative tools they’ve come to expect from us.”

Furthermore, DiGiCo announces that there will be “even more exciting announcements to be revealed at the show,” including Mustard, the Spice Rack, and other late-breaking product launches. To learn more, visit DiGiCo in person on stand C7408 at NAB 2019 from April 8-11, or visit