Blue Sky embraces the concept of true, full-range monitoring for all applications and for all users, with a system that provides extended bandwidth and seamless summation between enclosures, along with a much more accurate and repeatable system response.

Super Star

Designed to let you hear a surgically precise rendering of what’s “in the wires,” Blue Sky’s Star System One is a modular professional Sat 6D- and Sub 12D-based monitoring system with a seamless upgrade path from 2.0 to 7.1. A compelling solution for audio professionals in live television, audio post for film, television, and gaming, as well as music recording and mixing, the Star System One uses the best of today’s advanced digital electronics and transducer innovations. The finest monitoring system Blue Sky has ever offered, the Star System One challenges the best available technology from any manufacturer.

Control freq

Although overall monitor system control is extremely useful in a 2.1 system, it’s absolutely essential in a surround system. Supporting configurations of up to 7.1, Blue Sky’s Audio Management Controller (AMC) builds on its previous-generation Bass Management Controller by adding many new capabilities. The AMC provides precise, centralized control over levels, balance, mute, selection of house curves, and various other system configuration settings. And although the system is certainly ideal for use with Blue Sky’s speakers, it can even complement and optimize the performance of any manufacturer’s near- or mid-field monitor systems.

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