Reinventing a legend. Avolites Diamond 9

Created in consultation with leading visual designers, and alongside expert industrial designers, D9 is ready for the next generation of ultimate shows and beyond. With vast screen real-estate, all-new controls, and unique media integration, it intuitively combines control of all visual aspects of the show. Hand-crafted in London, built upon Avolites’ heritage of quality and reliability, and available in two configurations:

 D9-330  Designed from the ground up for seamlessly integrated control of all visual elements, with the finest materials and meticulous attention to detail, the Diamond 9–330 is the flagship visual canvas controller in our collection. 

D9-215 The same intuitive, integrated control but with a smaller footprint. The Diamond 9–215 is a more compact version of the flagship visual canvas controller in our collection. 

Ultimate programming control

We chose the T-Bar for its ability to deliver even smoother manual fades. Paired with our unique Scene Master functionality it brings total professionalism to live creativity.

With its non-contact design, the fader remains as accurate as ever, even after years of use. The scene master function is complimented by a double-width Commit button and four further control buttons, plus a dedicated LCD screen for continuous status data.

Three preview screens: 4.3” preview screens ideal for media, ensuring that the main screens remain uncluttered for maximum information density.

Five attribute wheels and 72 program keys: Newly designed wheels with optical encoders and RGB led indicators, plus a vertical level-wheel put more parameters than ever at your fingertips. Carefully selected Cherry MX Low keys with RGB illumination provide optimal tactility with low fatigue for programming sessions.

Ultimate performance control

Born out of over 40 years’ experience in control, designed with eyes fixed firmly on the future, the D9’s programming surface features: 3 media preview touchscreens, 5 + 1 attribute wheels, ergonomically designed controls, a T-Bar and illuminated programming keys. All are integrated with Avolites long serving Titan proprietary software.

Motorised and touch-sensitive Penny and Giles faders: Optical high-res rotary faders: Short-travel flash buttons with positive haptics for perfect timing. Fader and Encoder level indicator colours can be defined to make it even easier to group and quickly recognise controls when it counts. 

RGB level indicator on every fader which follows the halo colour of the playback. Especially useful on rotary faders when swapping pages. Extra Macro buttons with a dedicated screen, right in the playback section. Flash buttons under the faders. Perfectly aligned labelling. Page banks for every section.


Designed to meet all your pixel processing needs for every performance and project, along with Ai v12.1 release with the Pioneer PRO DJ LINK Bridge integration software. This full line-up of media servers includes the Q3, Q3pro, Q4 and Qgen, giving you the complete solution to power every performance.

Video content and projection mapping have become major components in many performances and installations and with Avolites’ Synergy feature set, integrating video into your designs has become even easier.

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