Over the past four decades, Avolites has steadily introduced many of the industry’s most innovative and powerful lighting control consoles and dimmers, and now with its exciting new Synergy software platform, Avolites continues its creativity-enhancing tools that are easy to program and a thrill to drive.

Mighty Titan

From the ultra-compact Titan Mobile to the flagship Sapphire Touch, Avolites’ Titan software-based lighting consoles assure the ideal feature set is available for every LD. With new updates and enhancements continually being offered, Titan software is a superbly flexible console operating system that gives you the ability to get a show on the road with minimal pre-programming. And any Titan show can load into any Titan console, so if you have a mix of Titan consoles, they’re all compatible.

The big picture

In 2011, Avolites expanded into the media server sector of the entertainment technology market by acquiring software developed by Immersive Ltd and rebranding it as “Ai.” With the advent of its new sister company known as Avolites Media Ltd, Avolites is on a mission to offer one complete visual solution. The boundaries between lighting and video are fusing, meaning that rather than programming each fixture individually, a light can be treated like a pixel in a 3D picture incorporating screens, projectors and LED nodes. And from budget-conscious Ai software licenses to the upcoming launch of the full-featured Q4, the creative possibilities with Ai are becoming limitless.

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