Photo: Group One’s Kade Behm (center) with attendees from the recent Avolites Academy master class in Miami, Florida

Avolites and its US distributor, Group One Ltd., continue to reaffirm their commitment to exemplary customer support by increasing the frequency and reach of both their Titan-based console and Ai media server trainings. After hosting two-day console sessions in ten US cities over the first six months of 2019, plus a more in-depth four-day Avolites Academy master class in Miami, the two companies have now announced an even more ambitious schedule of 15 console trainings, three master classes, and three Ai trainings for the second half of the year.

“We here at Avolites consider training to be one of the most important aspects of our business,” says Group One’s Brad White, who has been conducting product trainings for the manufacturer since 1996. “With the speed of tech advancement, it can be hard for users to keep up with all of the latest ways to make their jobs easier and better. With that in mind, we’ve chosen to make our training programs both more widespread and often. Most of these will now be conducted by our US Training and Support Manager Kade Behm, who is an excellent teacher and really knows Avolites’ product line inside and out.”

Titan sessions provide two days of complete on-console training, with each attendee receiving the new T1 (next generation Titan One) to take home. The dongle provides one DMX output of Titan Version 11.3 software and is fully functional with no software feature limitations.

Console trainings will be conducted in the following cities on the following dates: Boston (July 23-24), Pittsburgh (July 30-31), Detroit (Aug 6-7), Indianapolis (Aug 20-21), Minneapolis (Sept 3-4), Portland (Sept 17-18), Seattle (Sept 24-25), San Francisco (Oct 15-16), Salt Lake City (Oct 22-23), Denver (Oct 29-30), Phoenix (Nov 5-6), Las Vegas/LDI (Nov 19-20), Kansas City (Dec 3-4), Dallas (Dec 10-11), and Houston (Dec 17-18). Class size is limited to 14 participants.

“We’ve also added more Avolites Academy master classes to our lineup, packed with advanced knowledge and testing that our users have been requesting,” White notes. “After four days of very in-depth, hands-on training, our attendees receive a certificate of completion and are included on the official Avolites list of Certified Programmers.”

Master class sessions will take place in New York from July 8-11 at See Factor’s demo room (BlackTrax studio), in Chicago from Aug 25-29, and Los Angeles from Oct 7-10.

Avolites will additionally be hosting three-day Ai media server training sessions at See Factor in New York from July 22-24, Visional Productions in Atlanta from Aug 19-21, and Melt Creative in Las Vegas from Nov 18-20. Group One’s Ruben Laine will lead the trainings and attendees will receive an Anjuna Ai dongle providing two outputs.

“Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the kids that I trained in the ’90s designing and/or operating top shows around the world,” White adds. “Avolites is proud to continue its commitment to education, meeting the demands of our current and future Avolife experts.”

Additional dates may be announced and all events are subject to change, so please visit for an up-to-date list and to register for one of Avolites’ US trainings.