Meet Bernd Gossi, the music industry veteran and audiophile leading artist communications with Vienna’s premier headphones and microphones maker.

Vienna, Austria — Austrian Audio announced that internal A&R candidate Bernd Gossi has been appointed to the position of Artist Relations and PR Manager, effective immediately.

Gossi brings as wealth of hands-on industry experience, including indie label operations, public relations for touring bands, social media management for a renowned Vienna-based music festival, and most recently Austrian Audio’s in-house Marketing Specialist.

His tenure with Austrian Audio began in September 2020 when he reconnected with long-time project collaborator Perry Damiri, the company’s Head of Marketing. The two have worked together on strategic marketing and PR initiatives for more than a decade. As Artist Relations and PR Manager, Gossi will report directly to Damiri on site at the organization’s Vienna headquarters.

“One day in early summer 2020, my phone rang and it was Perry,” Gossi recounts. “He was thrilled to tell me that he had joined the team at Austrian Audio. He spoke about a Marketing Specialist opportunity and asked if I would be interested in coming on board. I accepted without giving it a second thought. Now, years later, I am so humbled when I look back on all our team has accomplished. I’m looking forward to continuing this momentum in my new role.”

In his Artist Relations capacity, Gossi will be responsible for the growth and development of Austrian Audio’s diverse global artist roster — from emerging regional talent to internationally successful touring and recording artists. He replaces Walter Rührig, who retired last month after a successful decades-long career in the professional audio industry. In his PR capacity, Gossi will be in charge of the company’s international PR activities, including content release strategy and ongoing media engagement opportunities.

“We are thrilled that Bernd has accepted this newly combined role at Austrian Audio,” commented Damiri. “Since joining Austrian as a Marketing Specialist in 2020, he has become an indispensable member of our team, demonstrating a nuanced understanding of both Artist Relations and PR. His drive and passion in both of these key areas will ensure our continued success.”

Gossi added that, in addition to working closely with Perry over the years, he has more recently had the privilege of learning directly from Rührig. “With 30 years of experience in A&R, I consider Walter an invaluable mentor for anyone in this industry.”

“Our relationships are the very essence of what we do,” he continued. “I am fortunate to be in a position with Austrian Audio on both the Artist Relations and PR fronts that allows me to collaborate with so many talented artists and colleagues. My focus now is to continue building on the passion we put into our products, the trust that we have developed with musicians, and the culture of excellence that we have firmly established around the world.”

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