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Midwestern Lighting Systems Integrator Litronicx Lights Up Concert & Corporate Clientele With Elektralite Pro LEDs
Litronicx Ltd. has been delivering state-of-the-art lighting systems to its Midwestern clientele since 1990. Located just northwest of Chicago in Illinois, they specialize in a broad range of events from full-scale concert gigs to corporate events and everything in between. President/CEO Fritz Cripe recently purchased sixteen 1018's for use specifically on two jobs: one a live concert with singer-songwriter Matt Wertz at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois on October 1st, and a corporate panel discussion for Merrill Lynch at the University Club in Chicago several days later.
For the concert event, the act actually requested to use as much 'green' lighting as possible, Fritz recalled. "It seemed like a great venue to test out the 1018's compatibility with our existing inventory as far as output. The corporate production required panel and wall lighting with a limited amount of power, so that seemed like a natural fit. The Elektralite 1018 really doesn't compare to any product on the market right now; it looks like a Source 4 PAR, so it blends in very easily and fits in like a PAR. They're bright and loaded with features."

Several of the features Fritz found most beneficial in these applications its flexibility and output capacity. "I am not a big fan of seeing the individual LEDs; I like having the ability to mix the color directly in the lens, not in the beam. Also, the output of these fixtures is fantastic. They have no trouble throwing 30-feet plus in range. Another bonus is the White LED. This allowed me to get pastel colors rather easily. Down the road, I'm looking forward to utilizing some of their other features such as Automatic Programs and Color Temperature in the White and Strobe."
Fritz, who had been doing business with Group One for over 20 years, was intrigued when he first heard about the launch of the new PRO LED Line earlier this spring—and in specific, the 1018s, which uses 18 quad 10 watt LEDs.

"I purchased 16 of these initially with the idea of being able to replace PARs in situations where power is limited and color changing was a requirement. I have a particular show every year where I am have to cover a very large area (an ice rink) with very limited power resources. We've been lighting it in 3 colors for years, but when they would go to a blue scene, the amount of light would drop significantly. Using the same number of 1018s as PARs, we were able to cover the required area and change to any color that was required without a huge drop in intensity."

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