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‘Sirens of Treasure Island’ Retools Lighting Package With Expanded Pulsar Fixtures

Phase Two of the lighting retool of the Las Vegas mega-attraction, ‘Sirens of Treasure Island’ was completed over the Christmas hiatus, and included the integration of an additional 12 ChromaFlood 200 RGBVW’s plus 2 ChromaBatten 200 RGB’s, bringing the total of Pulsar LED fixtures to 28.

Now in its 7th year—comprised of shows 4x nightly, 7 days a week—Sirens of TI has been a hit of the Vegas strip. The \"modern musical-meets-action-movie spectacular\" at the Treasure Island Hotel & Casino features music, dancing, swordplay, acrobatics and even a full size ship sinking, with the pyrotechnics and lighting effects playing a major role in the production. Industry icons, Roy Bennett and Troy Eckerman, who created the visuals for Madonna’s 2006 “Confessions” tour among many other projects, created the original design. 

During a two-month production hiatus back in 2007, Brent Hageman, the Casino’s head of lighting and sound, had been exploring alternative lighting options and decided to integrate two-dozen ChromaFlood 200 LED lights into the show’s traditional lighting configuration, purchased in Las Vegas from Mojave Systems’ Peter Chachere. With challenges of the desert’s weather, he was pleased overall with the reliability of the LED products, their luminosity and true color, not to mention the cost savings, and vowed to replace the rest of the existing traditional lighting with the Pulsar fixtures.

“The new revamp included expanding the corners of the dock where it used to make a ‘T’,” explains Hageman. “Now the corners come straight across at roughly a 15 degree angle.  This was Phase 2 as far as getting the rest of the Martin 600 exterior fixtures out of the show. The wash fixtures from the dock were replaced with the ChromaFlood RGBVW 200 fixtures, and the fan/smoke effect during the ‘Tempest’ segment was changed to integrate two ChromaFlood RGB 200’s and two ChromaBatten RBG 200’s for a colored smoke effect which has been a huge hit.”

With the show’s rigorous production schedule, Hageman was thrilled to have the LEDs in place and the lighting upgrade finalized. “The new fixtures are great in the fact that they are virtually maintenance-free weatherproof. It’s beneficial to have such versatile fixtures that are both bright and dependable.”

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