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elektraLite Expands Stingray Family

Building on the popularity of the “warm white” Stingray Profile LED spot fixture introduced last year, elektraLite announces that it has now expanded its Stingray family with a new “cool white” version, plus three additional models: the Stingray 4-Color, Stingray Mini, and Fresnel.

“When we launched our Stingray Profile, it was the brightest, highest-CRI, coolest-running LED profile fixture at its price point,” says Norman Wright, vice president of technical support for Group One Limited’s lighting division, which manufactures and distributes the elektraLite brand. “Its immediate popularity prompted us to also offer xanax pills as well as go back into R&D to expand the Stingray range for an even wider range of potential applications. We’re confident that our customers are going to be just as impressed with the rest of the lineup.”

Like the original Stingray Profile, the new Stingray Profile CW LED spot fixture is equipped with a highly efficient, 300-watt COB LED that produces an incredible output of 9,655 lumens, making it brighter than a conventional 750-watt light source. The new CW model delivers a white light output of 5600K, versus the 3200K of the WW model, making it perfect choice for television studios and other broadcast environments. Both versions are stunningly bright, have zero hot spots, and provide an exceptionally smooth dimming curve, just like conventional fixtures.

elektraLite’s new Stingray 4-Color is identical in appearance to the Stingray Profile except for the fact that it sports a 250-watt COB LED comprising four colors—red, green, blue and a specially-chosen amber—to beautifully render a full palette of livid hue options for a myriad of live environments. Available in a choice of white or black housings, the fixture delivers nearly silent operation and can be paired with an optional choice of 5-, 10-, 19-, 26-, 36- and 50-degree lenses.

At the heart of elektraLite’s new Stingray Mini is a newly designed 20-watt COB LED. Available in 3200K (WW) or 5600K (CW) versions, the compact ellipsoidal provides the same clean, rich, beautiful white light audiences have grown accustomed to, making the Stingray Mini profile spot fixture ideal for any show or event. The built-in accessory clip and included color frame allow for diffusion and color media, as well as gobos, to be used.

The Stingray Mini’s sophisticated, proprietary diffraction lensing system provides a packed punch of light in a variety of beam spreads. The fixture comes with a 19-degree lens installed, while interchangeable lens tubes offer the user a choice of optional 26-, 36- and 50-degree beam spreads with no chromatic aberration. Four independent shutter blades give perfect in-focus cuts to the beam. Silent in operation, the Stingray Mini can be ordered with two control options: DMX or standard handheld remote.

At the heart of the new elektraLite Fresnel is the same 300-watt COB LED found in the Stingray Profile for true theatrical white light with no hot spot. Available in balanced WW and CW color temperature versions, each boasting a CRI of 94, the Fresnel features a manual zoom from 15 to 50 degrees, and 100 percent no-step dimming with no pop or bump at the beginning or end of the dimming curve. The 5600K version, in particular, is as bright as many tungsten and even 1.2K discharge fixtures used in broadcast. It is a completely self-contained fixture; no separate dimmer or ballast is required.

An included gel frame allows color correction or color to be used, while barn doors create the perfect cuts. Additional Fresnel amenities include easy-to-use display menus for DMX or static control, an exclusive "cool to touch" housing, and rugged aluminum monocoque design for truly workhorse performance.

Currently shipping, elektraLite’s new Stingray fixtures feature the following US list prices:
- Stingray Profile WW or CW: $1,299.00.
- Stingray 4-Color: $1,249.00
- Stingray Mini WW or CW: $399.00 (add $40.00 for DMX version)
- Fresnel WW or CW: $1,299.00

For more details on the products, visit www.myelektralite.com.

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