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Two SD12 desks top a high-end touring rider-friendly equipment list at this large new live venue, intended to let arena-level artists pull right in and play intimate shows
Popular online sports publisher Bleacher Report has recruited two Calrec Audio Brio compact audio consoles as part of a comprehensive studio upgrade. The Brios bring new levels of power, versatility, and ease of use to Bleacher Report's live and live-to-tape productions, which range from pro and college football, soccer, and basketball broadcasts to fantasy football and panel shows.
Evangelical icon Liberty University and Thomas Road Baptist Church, the house of worship where it grew from, are replacing their entire complement of consoles with DiGiCo SD5, SD10 and SD11 desks
A Calrec Audio Artemis Light is the audio mixing engine aboard High Rock Mobile Television's first-ever production truck, High Rock 1. The 40-foot, dual-expando vehicle is designed to offer big-truck production capabilities in a smaller footprint, with Artemis providing superior sound quality, reliability, and seamless networking via Hydra2. Bennett Engineering sourced the Artemis and provided installation and integration for all systems in High Rock 1, which was manufactured by Gerling and Associates.
Richmond house of worship fills its 1,400-seat sanctuary every Sunday, and will do so 18 more times over 10 days for its annual Christmas production, and a pair of DiGiCo SD10T desks plus a third SD10 provide them with Broadway-level control of tour-level sound